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Elections 2014

Elections 2014

Dear Colleague of the IMA,

We would like to invite you to submit your nominations for the IMA National Executive Committee. This is a chance to push forward and develop your community and do right what you feel has been done wrong. This is your chance to make a difference to the Iraqi community here in the UK, and back in Iraq. To support those in need in Iraq and provide as much of the vast wealth and experience we have in the UK and to put it at their disposal. Together, organised, we can do more.

The date of the elections will be the 31st of May 2014, but we need to open up nominations now. The positions available are:

1. President

2. Vice President

3. Secretary

4. Treasurer

5. Regional Coordinator

6. Events Coordinator

7. Communication and Public Relations Officer

The job descriptions for each of these roles are also in the constitution and copied below for your convenience.

Please fill in the Nomination Form as soon as possible and email to


Nomination Form



The details for the nominations and the nomination process are attached in the constitution. The rules for nominations are as follows:

E Elections

  1. Only Full Members who have paid their subscription to the Association are entitled to vote.
  2. Voting is conducted through secret ballot. Ballot papers must be numbered in a colour different from the text and signed by all members of the Election Committee (Section E 5). Photocopies are considered void.
  3. Nominationsa. Candidates may nominate themselves for three positions, and must include their preferred positions in numerical order.b. Elections and positions will be determined based on these preferences.
    c. Each position will be voted for in turn in the order set out as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Regional Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Communication and Public Relations Officer.

    d. Names of unsuccessful candidates in the first bout will be carried forward to the second bout of their preference, and then to the third.

    e. In the event that a position has only one candidate, that person will automatically be appointed into that position without a need for a vote to be held.

    f. In the event that a position has no candidates, this position will be voted at the end of the elections, after all other positions have been allocated. Names of unsuccessful candidates from the election will be carried forward to the vacant position for election.

    g. In the event that a candidate holds the highest number of votes for a number of positions, their appointment will be based on their preference. In the event that their numerical preference is in reverse to the order of election positions as set out above, allocation of positions will be withheld till the end of the election process (see Annex: Examples 1 & 2).

4. A notice may be in person or by proxy. No member may hold more than one proxy. Proxy papers must be received by the time designated by the National Executive Committee.

5. The Election Committee

a. The election is supervised by an Election Committee that consistent of three full members who must be chosen through random selection of ‘names from a hat’ from the membership present at the AGM.

b. The three independent observers must not be nominees and any conflict of interest with the nominees must be declared. The role of the independent observers shall be to ensure fair, accurate and transparent vote counting and that the election is carried out according to the constitution.

6. A vetted updated list of all the members eligible for voting shall be given by the National Executive Committee to the Election Committee. 



  1. Duties of the National Executive Committee
    1. The function of the NEC is to oversee the day-to-day running of the IMA (UK) and its Regional Branches. It represents the highest executive authority in the IMA(UK). It acts on the authority of the membership to execute the aims and objectives of the constitution and decisions of the AGM.
    2. To present the Annual Report to the Annual General Meeting.
    3. To keep financial records, present annual financial reports and maintain bank accounts on behalf of the Association.
    4. To manage the Association’s properties and assets.
    5. To keep membership records.
    6. To oversee the activities and running of Regional Branches
    7. To represent the members and specialities affiliated with the IMA(UK) in regional and international committees and groups.
  2. Duties of the President
    1. To chair the meetings of the Annual General Meeting.
    2. To chair the meetings of the National Executive Committee.
    3. To oversee the affairs of the Association and its Branches.
    4. To control payments and approve financial expenditures with the Treasurer.
    5. To take decisions on urgent matters that cannot be delayed until the next meeting of the National Executive Committee.
    6. To liaise with other organisations of similar aims to the IMA(UK) and improve global outreach.
    7. To maintain and develop communication streams with relevant organisations within the UK and Iraq.
  3. Duties of the Vice President
    1. To assist the President in his duties and act as President in the absence of the President.
    2. To assist the Secretary and Regional Coordinator in their duties.
    3. To oversee the educational activities of the IMA(UK), working in partnership with the Branch Scientific Officers
    4. To assist with secretarial roles in the absence of the secretary.
  4. Duties of the Secretary
    1. To prepare the written invitations and agenda for the meetings of the National Executive Committee and the AGM.
    2. To prepare minutes of the meetings of the National Executive Committee and the AGM.
    3. To keep and update a central Register and Database of all IMA(UK) members in coordination with Branch Membership Officers.
    4. To be registered to handle data in accordance with data protection law in the UK, and to ensure that anyone else in the NEC or Regional Branch who handles data is also registered.
    5. To execute the decisions of the National Executive Committee.
    6. To keep copies of all the Association’s correspondence, application forms, documents, minutes and stamps.
    7. To assist the Communications and Public Relations Officer in his tasks including developing the e-newsletter and running of the website
    8. To liaise with the Regional Coordinator to maintain efficient communication between the Executive Committee and the committees of all Regional Branches.
    9. To assist the Events Coordinator in his tasks including the delivery and implementation of IMA(UK) social and scientific events.
  5. Duties of the Treasurer
    1. The Treasurer must be competent in the IT and financial skills required for the role, or willing to attend a basic financial management course (provided by the IMA), including the use of
      1. Excel
      2. Internet Banking
    2. To supervise the income and expenses, collect subscriptions, supervise the financial records and deposit all of the income into the Associations bank account.
    3. To prepare an Annual Financial Report to the AGM. Keep all records of income and expenditure, as well as any other financial documents.
    4. To carry out the financial decisions of the National Executive Committee ensuring that they are in accordance with the annual budget.
    5. To countersign with the President’s cheques and payment orders.

f. The treasurer of the NEC should be in regular communication with the Regional Branches with regard to overseeing their financial activities.

  1. Duties of Regional Coordinator
    1. To liaise with all the Regional Branches and work with them to expand membership.
    2. To ensure the IMA(UK) aims and objectives are met by the Regional Branches
    3. To ensure the NEC and Regional Branches identify and address the needs of local members.
    4. To be a point of contact for all the Regional Branches of the Association.
    5. To ensure all the Regional Branches have access to the resources of the IMA(UK).
  2. Duties of Events Coordinator
    a. To coordinate the delivery and implementation of IMA(UK) events including, but not limited to, Social, Scientific and AGM events.
  1. To respond to the needs of the members through provision of events.
  2. To have authority to work with members or National Executive Committee to build teams to deliver the events.
  3. To budget events to ensure that IMA(UK) members are provided with good value, without reducing funds available to the IMA(UK).
  4. To assist and liaise with Regional Branch Event Officers.
  • Duties of Communications and Public Relations Officer
    1. To be responsible for official communications between the Association, its members and third parties, whether in written or electronic format. To be responsible for maintaining and enforcing the IMA(UK) Communications policy.
    2. To develop quarterly e-newsletters.
    3. To be responsible for maintenance and improvement of the contents of the website.
    4. To develop and maintain efficient avenues of communication between the IMA National Executive Committee and the committees of the Regional Branches.
    5. To work closely with the Branch Publicity Officers
    6. To liaise with organisations of similar aims to the IMA(UK) and improve global outreach.
    7. To maintain and develop communication streams with relevant organisations within the UK and Iraq. 

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