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NEC 2014-2016

National Executive Committee

2014 – 2016


Dr Ferial Ahmad


Dr Ferial Ahmad has worked as a consultant microbiologist since 1980 at Ealing Hospital, London. She now works part time in the same hospital. As one of the IMA UK Founders, she has been involved with it consistently since its inception in 1991 until now. In that time she has occupied various positions including President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Scientific Committee and Event Organiser. She is without a doubt the most experienced and successful of the IMA UK Committee. Despite wanting to step down in 2011, she was asked to run again by all Executive Committee members to ensure that all is well for the new committee, where she served as Treasurer from 2011-2014. She has helped a large number of doctors & scientists, by giving them advice & direction. Her charitable efforts are not limited geographically as she has arranged Clinical Attachments to a large number of doctors in different specialties in the UK as well as visiting pathology laboratories and giving lectures across Iraq. For many years she acted as an external examiner for 6th year medical schools in Iraqi Kurdistan. Currently, she is part of pathology group (ICILG) with Royal college of Pathologists, trying to improve the level of pathology in Iraq, and to introduce the Part One Exam of the Royal College of Pathologists, starting in Erbil and soon after in Baghdad. She aims to continue to help the Iraqis both inside and outside Iraq.

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